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What is your area of expertise?

Our clinicians have experience in a mixture of forms of psychotherapy as well as other useful strategies including Evidence Based Therapy, ITR, Hypnotherapy, Holistic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our clinicians are trained in specific psychotherapy approaches which are customized to meet the individual needs of every client.


What is your cancellation policy?

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. If for any reason a session is canceled less than 48 hours prior, the full fee will be charged.


How often will I see my therapist?

This depends on your preference, your therapist’s recommendation, scheduling, and availability. Sessions are typically once a week, and treatments vary in length from weeks to months to years.

The length of your treatment will be up to you, based on your issues and goals. To ensure that your treatment remains productive, from time to time, you and your therapist will check in with each other to make sure that treatment remains focused on your goals and continues to help you move forward.

What types of therapy do you offer?

Our center offers services, including individual therapy, parenting therapy, premarital therapy, and adolescence therapy.  Approaches to therapy, such as hypnotherapy and psychotherapy among others are personalized, to better serve our clients.

How long does a therapy session last?

A typical therapy session lasts around 50 minutes. However, the duration of the session may vary depending on the individual's specific needs and concerns. Our center is supportive and will adjust the time to help meet the need of the client. 

How many therapy sessions will I need?

The number of therapy sessions required varies depending on the individual's needs and concerns. Adolescents and teenagers may require more frequent therapy sessions, whereas adults may require fewer sessions. I work with my clients to determine the best approach and frequency for their specific needs.

What is your approach to therapy?

As an elite experienced counseling center in Boca Raton, the approach to therapy is client-centered, meaning the focus on the individual's unique needs and concerns. The eclectic approach in therapy offers a safe, compassionate, and focused counseling relationship to reach a transformative you. 


What is your educational background and qualifications?

Therapist at our center provide certifications in hypnotherapy with a degree in psychology and relevant certifications and licenses to practice therapy. We have also received training in different types of therapy, including adolescent counseling and marital therapy, and play therapy to better serve our clients.

Can you help me with my specific problem?

Yes, I offer psychotherapy services to help with a range of concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress, grieving, trauma, life's transition, emotional abuse, narcissistic relationships, assertiveness issues, boundaries, and codependency. 

What should I expect in my first therapy session?

In your first therapy session, we will discuss your concerns and what you hope to achieve through therapy. I will also ask about your personal history and background to better understand your needs.

How confidential is therapy?

Therapy sessions are confidential, and information shared in therapy is not disclosed to anyone without the client's written consent, except in certain legal and ethical circumstances.

What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapy can provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings, improve their relationships, and develop coping strategies for life's challenges.

Can you prescribe medication or refer me to a psychiatrist?

I am not authorized to prescribe medication. However, I can refer clients to a psychiatrist or primary care physician for medication management.


Do you offer online therapy or teletherapy?

Yes, I offer online therapy or teletherapy to make therapy more accessible for my clients.

How can I make the most of my therapy sessions?

To make the most of your therapy sessions, it's important to be open and honest with me, attend therapy regularly, and actively participate in the therapy process.

What are the different types of therapy?

There are many different types of therapy, including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, play therapy, parenting therapy, humanistic therapy, family systems therapy, and more. Depending on the individual's specific needs and concerns, I use different approaches of therapy to best serve my clients.

How do I choose the right therapist for me?

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. If you're looking for therapists in Boca Raton, Florida, consider factors such as their approach to therapy, their experience working with individuals in your age group, and whether you feel comfortable with them. You may want to schedule an initial consultation to get a better sense of the therapist and their approach to therapy.

How do I prepare for a therapy session?

To prepare for a therapy session, you may want to think about the specific concerns or issues you want to address in therapy. If you're an adolescent or teenager seeking therapy near me, it may be helpful to involve your parents or guardians in the process. Additionally, it's helpful to arrive to your session a few minutes early to settle in and prepare mentally.

What does psychotherapy do?

Psychotherapy is evidence based and is a type of therapy that helps individuals address their mental health concerns by exploring their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through psychotherapy, individuals develop coping strategies and improve their relationships, leading to improved mental health and well-being.

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