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Palm Beach Psychotherapy is here to help you navigate through life's ups and downs.  We use an honest, supportive, systematic approach to help you achieve your goals.  We work with adolescents, adults, and couples to strengthen your relationships. Get started today by contacting us below.


Adolescents are children developing into adulthood. This process can be stressful and/or an opportune time for understanding of wellness and mindfullness. 


Marital and Pre-Marital couples are presented with obstacles whether positive or negative. Taking the step towards wellness can strengthen a relationship.


One may experience the need to learn from a professional. Those dealing with Anxiety, Depression and/or Trauma can benefit from speaking with a professional trained in said area. 

Your Wellness Begins with You! 

Speak to a licensed professional to know what options are a best fit for you. Contact us today!

Meet Lisa,

Lisa Lee is a psychotherapist in Boca Raton, FL. Specializing in helping adolescents, individuals, and enriching relationship issues. Focusing on those who experience anxiety, depression, trauma, and are under going life transitioning.

Through her warm and direct approach,  Lisa aims to aid in your personal growth with practical tools that you can utilize to achieve your goals. Life can be confusing and difficult at times; as you grow together, you can learn how to attain a greater sense of peace, hope, and courage. 

Book an appointment with her to start your journey of growth today! 

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Hypnosis helps guide you to say goodbye to bad habits and behaviors.  Hypnosis helps free you from anxiety, depression, over eating, shame and beyond.  You will be surprised by your success! Take immediate action today by clicking below!

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